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Changed your broadband router, WiFi or ISP/Internet provider?

If you have received a new router from your ISP and are looking to setup the MooBox again you will need to setup the hub with the new network. If you have not set the Moobox hub correctly to work with your new location/broadband then the camera will not sync and the hub and camera will both show as "offline" in the app.

The hub needs to be set up correctly first before the camera will sync.

If the MooBox hub was previously set to WiFi instead of a cabled ethernet connection this will require you to reconnect to the hub and manually update the wireless information to that of the new router.

To do this follow the steps in the guide below.

You can then setup the system as if from new following the setup video guide, or you setup the hub with the new routers wireless details by following the WiFi setup guide below.

Once the hub is set up correctly again and is showing as online in the app you should follow the video guide linked below to set up and sync the camera: