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Connecting a hub over ethernet after setting up the wifi connection

To connect the hub to your network over ethernet after it has been connected over wifi you will need to manually change the connection method through the hub interface. To do this follow the steps below.

1) Ensure that the ethernet cable is connected to the hub and your router first and then power on the Moobox hub

2) Connect your device (phone/tablet/PC) to the hub's wifi network. This will something like hodor-hub-xxxxxx and the password will be the hub's serial number which can be found on the sticker on the underneath of the hub.

3) Then open a web browser on your device and type In the address bar and hit enter.

4) Log in to the hub by entering the serial number again.

5) At the top of the page select Connect via Cable and click/tap on OK.

6) The hub will reboot. Give this a couple of mins to start up fully.

7) Then open the app on your phone/tablet to confirm the hub is online.