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How to setup a recording schedule

To enable a recording schedule for your camera you should first ensure that the firmware for your hub is up to date. For help with how to check this click here.

To setup a schedule open the Moobox app, go to Settings, select your camera and ensure Motion Detection is turned on, then tap on Schedule to start setting this up.

By default the camera will be set to All Day, select Custom to set the camera to your own schedule then tap on the arrow to move to the schedule setup page. To begin the setup select Add new time frame. 

You can then select the hours for your schedule and the days of the week that this will run, tap on OK to save. For example if using the schedule below the camera will be active between 7:30am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these times the camera will not detect motion or record clips.

You can set multiple schedules for each camera so you could have one schedule for weekdays and another for weekends or you could have the camera set to be active 24 hours a day but only on specific days.

Once you have setup your schedule you should leave the Motion Detection slider set to ON for the camera to record using the scheduled times and days, turning this off will disable all Motion Detection including any set schedules.