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My hub is showing as offline in the app

Ensure the hub is connected to your broadband router directly (not to a powerline adapter or extender) using the ethernet cable then try the following:

a) Log out of the app and close it fully on your phone or tablet. Now power cycle the hub and wait for the blue LED to go out.
b) After a few minutes open the app and login in again. Check the hub status now. Is it showing as online?
c) If hub still offline, turn it off and after a minute power on again. Wait for the LED to go out and give it a few more minutes then check the status in the app.

If the hub is now online you should continue with the hub and camera syncing process or use as needed.

If the hub is still showing as offline click here for more extensive troubleshooting  or email and the support team can check over your system remotely and advise on how to resolve.