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I need to reset my Moobox Hub

The Moobox hub features a reset button located in a small recess on the underside of the unit. The reset process restores hub back to factory defaults, clearing any WiFi details as well as de-syncing any paired Moobox cameras.

We do not recommend resetting without first getting in touch with us as it may be possible to resolve your issues without requiring a reset. To contact the Support Team please email and leave a description of your issues with as much detail as possible and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Before beginning a reset please ensure that any cameras are turned off. To do this press and hold the power button on the camera for five seconds until you see the power LED flash red.

How to reset (video guide)

How to reset (text guide)

1) Login to your MooboxCam app account and from the Settings tab tap the hub serial number (SN). Now delete the hub by clicking Remove Device. 

2) Log out and close the app.

3) Ensure the hub is connected to a port directly on your main Broadband router via an ethernet cable, and then power on the hub.

4) The blue circle LED will be lit. Wait for the light to go 'off'.

5) Grab a pin or paperclip and press gently into the reset hole (as shown below) for 5 seconds. NB: Be sure to press down for at least 5 seconds until you see the blue circle LED light up again on the front side of the hub

6) Wait for the blue LED to go 'off' again. When the light has gone out the hub has been reset.

7) Now log back into your MooboxCam app account and scan in the hub again and follow the setup process for pairing your cameras etc. For detailed steps on how to do this click here.