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First time setup - text walkthrough

Step 1- Setup the Hub 

Connect the hub to a port on your router with the Ethernet cable provided, then connect the power cable to start the Hub. 

(ensure for the initial setup that the hub is connected directly to your router, not an adaptor or repeater)

When the LED light sequence is complete and has gone out the hub is ready to be discovered.

Step 2- Charging the camera

Connect the camera to the USB port on the hub using the USB charging cable. Press the button on the top of the Camera for 5 seconds until the green LED flashes. The LED will now blink blue this indicates the Camera is charging. Allow up to three hours for the Camera to charge sufficiently then disconnect the camera from the Hub

Step 3- Sync the Camera and Hub

With the Camera and Hub next to each other press the button on the Hub for two seconds, then immediately after press the button on the Camera for two seconds to start the sync process. Be sure to press and hold the button for the full two seconds while counting two seconds slowly.

The LED on the Hub will spin blue whilst the the LED on the Camera will blink blue slowly at about 1 blink per second.

Wait for the LED sequence to complete indicating the devices are now synced.

Successful sync- LEDs on both devices will go green momentarily then go out.

Sync failed- LEDs on both devices will go red, start the sync process again from Step 3.

Step 4- Installing the Moobox app

To install the app on your device visit your devices Appstore or Playstore and search Moobox Cam. Download and install on your device.

Then open the app and follow the steps on screen to create a Moobox account.

Once your account is created and you are logged in tap on Add and then select moobox HUB.

You will then be shown the pages below, make sure the hub is connected correctly as shown, tap Next Step, locate the QR code on the hub and tap on Scan Barcode when you are ready to add the hub. Then use your devices camera to scan the QR code on the back of your Hub.

Once this completes you will see the hub and camera added to your app, ready for use.