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Change account email address

For security reasons the account email cannot be updated as such.

However you can associate your hub and cameras with a new account by following steps below:

If you want to setup the camera with a new email address you will  need to open a new moobox account using the Sign up option. Once opened you can add your camera to the new account.

Please note you must first remove your hardware from the old account before it can be added to the new one.

1) Turn off ALL your Moobox cameras, one by one (by pressing the camera button for 5 seconds until you see the LED on the front flash red - as this now indicates the camera is off).

2) Login to your current account and go to the Settings tab. Here tap your hub and then select "remove device". Repeat for any additional hubs until the account is clear. You can then logout of the account and login    or sign up for your new account.

3) Then scan the hub to your new account as if you were setting up from scratch. However, this time after scanning the hub (and ensuring it is added to the account and showing as online) simply turn on one camera at a time and let each one sync with the hub automatically before you turn on the next camera.