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Having trouble downloading files in the app?

If you are having trouble downloading a clip in the app please follow the steps below.

First log out and close the app, wait 2-3 mins then open the app app and log in again. Then try downloading a file by going to the Events page and tapping on the download icon. 

Next, check that you have enabled all required permissions for the app. To do this, close the app and then go to the Settings area on your mobile device, go to Apps, locate the Moobox cam app, select Permissions and ensure these are all enabled.

If you are still not seeing any downloads, completely close the Moobox cam app. Then on your mobile device go to the Settings area, select Apps, locate the Moobox Cam app, select Storage and then select Clear App Data. Depending on the mobile device you are using the location or name of this option may be slightly different. 

This will clear the apps stored files, this will not affect or delete your cameras recordings.

Once cleared, open the app and log in, you should then find that you are able to download files from the Events page again.