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Unknown video clip message

If you see a message on screen with the word 'unknown' when attempting to playback a recording it can be for a number of reasons. Here are some tests to try:

Quick test:

1) Log out of the app. Ensure you have a good mobile signal/wifi connection. Then login and try viewing the clips again.
2) If the playback is not working in the app, click the download option next to the clip - this will download the clip to your phone/tablet. Check the downloads/media/images folder on your phone/tablet, find the clip and see if it plays directly.

If no luck then try this next...

3) Bring the camera closer to hub (to within 1 metre of it).
4) Trigger a recording and wait for about 2mins before checking the Events tab in the app to see if the clip can be played back.

Advanced test:

1) Log out of the app and close it on your phone/tablet.
2) Power off the hub and bring the camera to within 1 metre of the hub.
3) Connect the hub to your router with an ethernet cable (ensure the Moobox hub is upright on its side and not flat on its back) and power it on again. Now wait for the hub to reboot and re-sync with the camera. This should happen automatically so give it a few minutes.
4) Log back into the app and check the hub and camera are both being reported as online.
5) Now trigger a recording and wait for a minute or so then check the latest recording in the Events tab of the app to see if it plays back correctly.

If the clip is recorded and being play back correctly then the hub and camera hardware is working well, so the issue will probably have been local network related. Ensure when you relocate the hub and camera they are both have good connectivity (i.e. the hub should have a good connection to your broadband router and the camera should have a good connection to the hub).

If the above test has not resolved the issue get in touch via so that we can help diagnose and resolve with additional troubleshooting.

When contacting us please confirm the following as it will help us to try and diagnose the problem quicker:

a) The model of Moobox you have (does the camera logo show Moobox, Moobox Pro or Moobox ProXT?)
b) The make and model of your broadband router
c) Is the hub connected to your router via ethernet cable or WiFi?
d) How far is the hub from the broadband router?
e) How far is the camera from the Moobox hub?
f) Send a screenshot of the Settings tab from the app - this should display the current status of the hub and camera.
g) Send a screenshot showing the current upload speed of your broadband connection.