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Network Congestion error when live streaming

If you are seeing a message such as the one shown shown in the example below this is caused by one of two things:

1) The connection speed on your device where you are viewing from is being traffic shaped or limited in some way by your provider. This is something you may see in particular when your mobile/tablet is connected over a public WiFi network (airport, hotel, etc) or a workplace environment (as many businesses traffic shape the p2p protocols related to video streaming etc). 

It may also be that your ISP is traffic shaping certain p2p protocols. Please check with them, as regardless of your Broadband speed any limiting of peer to peer streaming protocols will affect your ability to live stream from any IP camera, and not just Moobox.

2) The upload speed of the connection where your camera is located is experiencing issues or is being limited in some way. Close the app, wait a few minutes and then try again. If the issue persists check the network where the camera is located to ensure you have at least 2Mbps upload bandwidth.

3) Also note that if you have other family or friends using the same account and are multiple people are viewing the cameras concurrently then the upload speed of the camera's stream will be compromised and will also result in this message being seen. Wait a while and try again once others have finished viewing.