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Can I charge the camera using a mobile charger or other charger?

The camera should ideally be charged via the hub or by using a dedicated Moobox charger:

The voltage and ampage for charging the specially designed lithium ion battery within the camera is regulated and using it with another charger (mobile or other) can impact on the battery charging, longevity and could (in a worse case scenario) render the camera inoperable, as well as subsequently void the warranty.

We therefore strongly recommend only using the supplied cable to charge the camera with the hub or use a Moobox charger.

NB: If you should decide to use a 3rd party charger please ensure it does not exceed 5V 1A. Using a charger with a higher power output will cause damage to the battery and camera and invalidate your warranty. So you do so at your own risk. Cameras should never be left permanently on mains power as that may cause over-charging and potentially thermal runaway which as well as damaging the camera will rendering the warranty void.