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Camera is not recording or sending alerts

Was the camera recording and alerting fine one minute and now suddenly you are getting no alerts or recordings?

First thing to try, before anything else, is a hub reboot.

Close the MooboxCam app on your phone or tablet and then power off the Moobox hub (don't do anything to the camera at this time). After a minute or so power on the hub again and wait for the solid blue LED to go out and leave for another minute or two for the camera to auto-sync with the hub again. Once the camera has synced with the hub again trigger a motion in front of the camera and see if you now get alerts and recordings once again.

If that has not fixed the issue then things to check are:

1) Has there been any change on your network that might have impacted the camera's or hub's ability to connect to your broadband router? If you have made any changes (e.g. updated the WiFi password, changed the SSID, etc) be sure to update the details in your hub if you have had it setup to work over WiFi.

2) Have you made any settings changes to the app on your phone? If you have altered any permission requirements on your phone then the app may have been affected by these changes. Check that all permissions are enabled for the MooboxCam app on your device. If you find the camera is recording but not sending you alerts it is very likely a phone permissions issue so it is also worth deleting the app and then installing a fresh copy from your phone's app store and that when you launch the app for the first time you accept all the displayed permissions as this will ensure all the features and alerts functions work correctly.

3) Have you set up a custom recording schedule? If so check that the time period and days are set correctly for the period you need to receive alerts and recordings.

If you still have trouble then do get in touch using the Contact Us button and our support team can help troubleshoot further with you directly.