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Having trouble playing recordings

If you are having trouble with the playback of the clips there could be several reasons for this. 

First check if you are playing back from the Cloud or from the Hub storage. Playing back clips from the hubs storage will rely on the upload speed of the internet connection at the hubs location. If this upload speed is low or fluctuates then playing back clips from the Cloud will work better as these are located on our servers which have better bandwidth. 

Is the camera quite busy or currently recording? If the camera is recording currently or is recording quite often then this may prevent playback of a recent clip. Try closing the app and waiting 2-3 mins for the camera to finish recording and for the clip to be uploaded to the Cloud. Then open the app again and you should be able to playback the clips.

Has the clip length been changed? Increasing the length of the clips will also make the size of the clip larger. This means that a slower connection will now take longer to stream the clips from the hub or upload the clip to the Cloud. Try setting the length of the clip to 10 seconds and then see if the shorter clips play back well.