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The hub shows a red light when trying to sync a camera

If the hub is showing a red light, not green, when you are trying to sync a camera to it there are two main things to check. First that the hub is connected to the internet as an internet connection is required for a camera to sync to the hub and second is that the camera has been set to sync mode correctly.

First check that the hub is properly connected to your router. To check this try connecting the hub to your router with an ethernet cable. If it is already connected over ethernet check that both ends of the cable are properly connected to the hub and router.

You should also check that your internet connection is working normally. This can be checked by opening a web browser on any device you have and loading a website. 

The red light can also be shown if the camera is not set to sync mode. When syncing a camera it is important that the button on the camera and on the hub is pressed and held down for the full two seconds before being released. If you have a ProXT we recommend lifting the protective covering from the button to ensure that it is being fully pressed down. 

To sync a camera press the button on the hub for two seconds and you will see the blue light on the top of the hub, then press and hold the button on the camera for two seconds and you will see the slow flashing blue light on the front of the camera,

Once the button has been held for 2 seconds and released the cameras blue light will flash slowly at about once per second, if this is still flashing fast then try holding down the button again for slightly longer but not for too long as pressing this for 5 seconds will turn the camera off.

Once the cameras light is flashing slowly, place it about 30cm from the hub and wait for the green light to show, this means the sync was successful.