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Quick Troubleshooting- Usage issues

Am I seeing someone else's living room?

You'll see a Generic default image when you first sync a camera. This will be replaced with a screen-grab of the last recorded clip once you activate motion detection. Simply tap the image to start viewing live.

App not connecting to your camera?

Logout of the app then close the app on your phone. Give this a minute or two then open this again and log back in. Check you have a good signal on your phone and your data connection is active.

Audio echo or crackling

This is typically affected by a number of factors, 

a) Phone too close to the camera, if for example you are on the same network and in the same room as the camera.

b) Connection speed between the camera, hub and router may be slow.

c) Speaking too close to the phone. Makes sure to hold the phone away from your face when pressing the talkback button and keep the button pressed for a couple of seconds after you finish talking to ensure this is fully transmitted.

Close app after each use.

Each time you are done with viewing or checking your events be sure to close the app, don't leave this running in the background. You will still get alerts so long as you do not log out. This will also help preserve your phone battery.

Still seeing an issue? Please use the search bar for more in depth troubleshooting or use the "contact us" button to get in touch with us directly for further assistance.