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Quick Troubleshooting- Setup issues

Initial Hub setup.

During initial setup always connect the hub directly to a port on your broadband router via the ethernet cable, do not connect the hub to any other adaptors or extenders. After you've successfully setup your hub and cameras you can set it up to work over WiFi or a powerline adapter.

NB: If during start up the hub blue LED light remains on and does not go out disconnect the power. Place a book under the hub and also put the hub on its side (not flat). Now, ensuring the ethernet cable between hub and your broadband router are connected, reconnect the power to the hub and wait for the hub to start up fully (blue LED should go out after it has fully booted).

Hub not syncing with the camera.

Ensure the hub and camera are not touching one another. For successful pairing place these about 10 to 15cm apart.

Hub is offline or camera not showing.

Logout of the app then close the app on your phone. Give this a minute or two then open this again and log back in.

I want to use my Hub on WiFi.

To setup the hub to work over your local WiFi connection please click the link below.

WiFi Setup

Still seeing an issue? Please use the search bar for more in depth troubleshooting or use the "contact us" button to get in touch with us directly for further assistance.