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Having trouble with the setup

If you are having trouble with the initial setup such as being unable to sync a camera to the hub or the hub is showing as offline in the app, please follow the steps below.

NB: before carrying out a reset we strongly recommend emailing to verify if you need to carry out a reset, as there may be other quicker fixes for your issue.

This is a detailed step by step guide and each step is important so be sure to follow each step carefully and do not skip any steps.

1) Login to your MooboxCam app account, go to Settings and tap the Hub serial number. Now click Remove Device. This will remove the hub and cameras from your account. Now log out of the Moobox app.

2) Completely close the app on all devices, do not leave it running in the background.

3) Power down the camera (press and hold the power button for 5 seconds or so, until you see the red LED flash and go off).

4) Power down the hub by removing the power cable from the back.

5) Connect the hub directly to an ethernet port on your broadband router with the supplied cable (NB: do not connect the hub via a powerline adapter, extender etc. for now)

6) Connect the power cable to the hub and observe the blue LED on the front. NB: Be sure not to inadvertently press the hub button

7) Wait for the blue light on the top of the hub to go out after about 1 minute.

8) Once the light on the hub has gone out, with a paperclip or similar, press and hold the reset button on the underneath of the hub for 5 seconds and release.

9) Turn the hub upright and wait for the spinning blue circle LED to go out. NB: Be sure not to inadvertently press the hub button

10) Once the light has gone out, open the Moobox app on one device and log in. 

11) Tap on Add and then select Moobox Hub. Then when shown the install guide tap on Next Step and then Scan Barcode to open the scanner in the app.

12) Scan the QR code on the underneath of the hub to add it to your account. (if you have previously added the hub and can see it in your app you skip this step)

13) Wait 2 minutes and then in the Moobox app, pull down to refresh the Settings page and check that the hub is now online.

The image on the left shows and online hub, the image on the right shows an offline hub.

14) If the hub is showing as online you can now sync a camera to the hub, to do this close the app and do not leave it running in the background. Place the camera and hub close to each other.

15) Press and hold the button on the top of the camera for 5 seconds, until you see the LED flash green, the camera is now on. 

16) Press the button on the top of the hub for 2 seconds only, then press the button on the camera for 2 seconds only.

17) When the camera and hub sync successfully the light on the top of the hub will flash green, then the LED on the camera will flash green. Then the LEDs on both hub and camera should go out.

Once the sync is complete wait 2 minutes. 

18) Open the app on one device and wait for the camera to connect, once the connecting message on the camera has gone you can then view the live feed and recordings or check the settings.

If after following all of the above steps you are still having trouble, please get in touch with us using the Contact Us form linked on the lower right side of this page and we will be happy to assist.

Please include the information listed below in your message:

a) Hub serial number located on the underneath of the hub

b) Which step of the above guide you have reached and are having trouble with a description of the issue you are having in as much detail as possible

c) The make and model of your phone/tablet and the version of the MooboxCam app you have installed on it.

d) The firmware version shown in the app for the hub and camera (if you have managed to add them to the app and can see the firmware versions under Setting).

e) A copy of the purchase receipt/invoice showing the product name/model, vendor and date of purchase.