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How to use the new MooBox 2 App.

On both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store you will now find two Moobox apps - Moobox Cam and Moobox Cam2

Moobox Cam - This is the current primary app which has all features and functions, including the ability to add a hub, cameras, Live stream from your cameras as well as playback PIR triggered clips stored on your Moobox Cloud account as well as clips stored on the Hub's DVR.

Moobox Cam2 - This is a new beta app, which offers much of the same functionality as the Moobox Cam app above but with a brand new user interface and better optimised for connectivity and viewing from your cameras. However, please note that while you'll be able to playback clips stored in your Moobox Cloud account you won't (currently) be able to playback clips from your hub's DVR (for this you'll need to use the main MooboxCam app). This feature alongside other optimisations and features will be introduced over the coming weeks. But we're making this beta app available to you now so you can get used to how it works as it will in due course become the main app that will be supported going forward.

Since the layout is somewhat different this guide will walk you through how it works...


Here you can find the cameras and view these live. To view in the new windowed mode simply tap the play button and you can view the cameras quickly. If you want to expand this simply tap the four arrows icon in the bottom right and the view will go full screen giving access to controls like the microphone and speakers.


This is the list of recordings from your various cameras, organised by date. To view this simply tap the recording in question and this will load the clip.


Here is where you can add cameras, update the firmware, login or out of a moobox account as well as enable or disable the motion detection by the camera. The QR code scanner is located in the top right, tap the icon to activate this. To access a camera or hub's info tap its entry in the list.


Here you can see the currently installed firmware version, add or remove the hardware and enable or disable the motion detection for a camera. Simply tap the task you wish to perform and follow the prompts that appear.

We'll update this guide as and when more features and functions are added to the Moobox Cam2 app so be sure to check back when you see something new in the app.