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Getting a grey video screen when viewing the live feed.

Are you seeing a grey video screen in the app when you go to view the camera? A greyed out video feed is a symptom of the following potential issues.

Poor upload speed at the Moobox System location,


Poor download speed on the device you are looking to view from.   

If the error only occurs when connecting over 3/4G mobile connection it is likely the latter is the cause. If you switch over to WiFi on your mobile phone you should see the image return.   

Alternatively you can try lowering the video resolution in the app switching this to medium or even low if the signal is very poor. To do this open the live feed for the camera in the app then use the quality control in the video options at the bottom of the screen to select the lower quality option.   

Otherwise you may want to enquire with your mobile provider or ISP why the download is poor, it may be they are throttling the connection or perhaps just as a result of a poor mobile signal.

If the error occurs on all connections, mobile and WiFi you may have poor upload speed at your location. This will be especially apparent if using a mobile or non broadband connection. If this is the case you may want to look into improving the connection, your ISP should be able to advise on this.