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Two way talkback echo issue

If you are getting sound feedback or echo when you use the 2-way audio function this can be due to the following:

1) If you are using the app and 2-way talkback while on the same local network as the camera and are quite close to it or the hub.

2) If you have the hub or camera located in an area with electrical interference from other devices this can also impact on audio quality

3) When pressing the talkback button in the app be sure to hold the phone at least 10 to 15CM away from you to avoid feedback from the speaker.

4) To fully test the quality of the talkback system be sure to use it while you are away from the same network as the camera.

5) The quality of the sound will also be affected by your local network. During Live streaming priority is given to the video quality. If your network speed is unable to cope with the video streaming data the audio stream will be compromised and this can also lead to sound break-up from time to time. This can be further impacted if the the connection between camera, hub and your router is not at full strength.