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Battery life lower than expected?

There are a number of factors that can affect battery life.

Clip Length
Setting the length of the recordings to the maximum of 30 seconds will reduce the amount of time the cameras battery will last as these clips are double the default length so will require more power for each recording. So, as a general rule, a 10 second clip will take less battery resources (recording and uploading to the hub and Cloud) than a 30 second clip.

Motion triggering (esp with night vision) and Live viewing
If the PIR is enabled and triggering often or you are viewing the Live stream a lot this will also lessen the battery life, of course. Just like any device with a battery the more you use it the more battery power is utilised. This is particularly true if a lot of triggers occur at night time as the IR LEDs are also using the battery, so the more clips recorded with night vision activated the greater the battery usage.

Camera losing its connection and syncing with the hub often. 
Do you see the LED on the camera flash often? If so this usually is an indicator of the camera re-syncing and points to the hub going offline on the local network (i.e. losing connection with the broadband router). The more often this happens the faster the battery will be discharged due to constantly having to make sync connections. 

Poor wireless connection between hub and camera.
If the wireless connection is poor and this is dropping out from time to time this will use up more battery. In addition to this the further away from the hub the camera is the more power is used to make the wireless connection generally as it needs more power to cover the distance. If your camera is placed quite far from the router I recommend you try moving the two closer together and see if you get better longevity from the battery.

Another issue to consider is heat. Is the camera positioned near a heat source, maybe near a heater or a window? A heat source and even warm weather can affect the battery life. The colder the environment the better the battery efficiency. Make sure the camera is not placed in direct sunlight and preferably in a cool location and see if this helps improve the life of the battery.

Charge camera fully
Finally the most important thing is to ensure when the camera is first taken out of the box and given its initial charge that this is charged fully to 100%. A partial first charge, like any other battery will cause this to be less efficient in the long run and can decrease the overall life of the battery. When setting up for this first time be sure to leave this to charge for at least an hour and a half to two hours to ensure a good initial charge. Ideally leave the camera on charge until the LED in the front changes from blue to green (you will need to have the camera on for this state to display).