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Hub showing as already registered to another user.

If your hub reports already registered when you first setup the unit this can be due to a number of reasons:

1) You are trying to add the hub again to the same account but on another mobile or tablet. If so, you don't need to. Just login to the same account on any other device and you should see the hub and camera already linked.

2) Or maybe you may have bought pre-used system and it is has previously been registered to another person's account. See below for the details we need from you to clear the hub details so you can register it against your own account.

To do this we need to know the serial numbers (SN) of the hub(s) in question. These can be found on the underside of the unit, next to the large QR code and will consist an 8 character mix of letters and numbers.

Email a photo of the SN sticker on the bottom of the hub to with brief details explaining the issue and a member of the support team can clear the hub's old data from our database for you allowing you to continue with the setup. 

During office hours you can expect a response to this typically within 20 minutes, during weekends and other public holidays response time may be a little longer or the next working day at the latest.