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What's Moobox all about and who's it for?

Moobox in a nutshell...

Cliches aside, it really is a super simple way to get Internet CCTV into your home. It takes just minutes to install a Moobox system and out-of-the-box you get:

*A palm sized wire free HD indoor security camera with rechargeable battery, PIR motion sensor and IR Night Vision

*A tiny, stand-alone WiFi hub with built-in video recorder (Free 16GB SD card built-in)

*Hub functions as a WiFi extender too

*Magnetic wall mount for quick and flexible camera positioning 

*Push alerts sent to your phone or tablet when movement is detected

*PIR triggered video clips auto-saved to both the hub and Cloud (Free, 7 days rolling)

*Free Moobox Cam app for iOS and Android. (Sorry Windows mobile users)

*View your home Live and playback event clips on-demand over WiFi/3G/4G

*Exclusive use with smartphones and tablets

So, if you've been waiting for a fuss free, mobile friendly, cordless, all-in-one home monitoring system with no subscription fees or hidden 'optional extras' then Moobox is exactly what you're looking for.

Ultimately, Moobox is all about simplicity and focuses on features most people want from an easy-to-setup, easy-to-use home CCTV system. If you're after something a little more sweeping in functionality (e.g. sustained Live streaming, recording to a NAS drive, access from a PC, etc.) then take a look at UCam247.