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Do I need an Internet connection to use Moobox?

At the location you want to install Moobox, you'll need to have a landline broadband service (BT, Virgin, Sky etc) and a WiFi router as the hub will need to connect to the Internet to be able to view and use your Moobox system. Good 'upload' speed on your connection is required for consistent performance of the cameras and system.

We recommend you have at least 2Mbps upload broadband speed where you are installing Moobox.

Why? When you are viewing your cameras remotely or playing back clips from the Moobox hub DVR, and indeed when the hub is sending clips to your Cloud account, these all use the 'upload' part of your broadband, so it is vital to have a great upload speed - otherwise your Moobox system will not perform consistently well.

You'll also need to have WiFi, 3G, 4G, etc on your mobile/tablet in order to view and manage your Moobox system and cameras, as well as playback motion recordings and get push alerts.

So, to recap:

At the location where you have Moobox installed a good 'upload speed' on your broadband is crucial.

When you are accessing your Moobox from outside your home you need to have good 'download speed' (WiFi, 3G, 4G, etc) on your mobile/tablet.