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Can Moobox cameras be viewed from more than one mobile or tablet?

Yes! Just download the iOS or Android app to any number of appropriate devices and just login using your original account.

NB: To access your Moobox system from any other device you DO NOT need to scan the hub or install the cameras again.

Step by step guide for accessing via other devices (once you have the system installed via one device):

1) Download the MooboxCam app
2) Login using the same credentials you used to signup and setup your Moobox system
3) The hub and camera(s) should be accessible without needing to perform the setup again.

Notable Considerations:

When you allow access to your Moobox system from other mobiles and tablets they will have the same rights and privileges so they will also be able to turn on/off motion detection, receive alerts etc. 

This may also impact on battery life if you have multiple devices accessing the Live video concurrently and for extended periods.