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How is the motion detection recording triggered?

Each camera has a built-in PIR sensor so when it detects movement the camera automatically wakes up from its sleep mode within 1 second and starts recording.

PIR based recording is slightly different than other customisable Motion Detection systems as this monitors the area in front of the camera using IR for all objects instead of looking for an optical change in the image, this means if a person was to move in front of the camera this would be picked up and a recording commenced.

Because it takes up to 1 sec for the camera to fire up its important to ensure you place the camera in an area and at a distance that takes account of any activity you might want to ensure you capture.

For example, placing a camera very close to a doorway would probably result in you missing much of the action so you need to allow for sufficient distance between camera and door. This may involve some fine tuning of positioning to get right for your needs.