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Is there motion recording capability?

Yes, and then some.

As well as being able to dip in and out of Live streaming, so you can keep an eye on your home in real-time, Moobox comes with not one but TWO recording systems - at no extra charge!

Once you enable motion detection in the app your cameras will automatically record 15 second clips when movement occurs, in two ways:

1) To the 16GB* sd card pre-installed into the DVR that comes built into every Moobox hub

2) To our cloud servers. You have 7 days rolling storage of clips included for Free.

Clips can then be played back via the app from anywhere, anytime.

(*16GB card is currently factory installed and included in the price of a Moobox hub/camera system. The DVR in the hub can support micro SD cards up to 128GB and larger cards will be available in future systems).