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How many hubs and cameras can I have?

The standard starter pack comes with one hub and one camera. You simply buy 'add-on' Moobox cameras as and when you need.

Each Moobox hub supports up to 4 cameras.

So, for example, if you wanted to install 3 cameras you'd just buy one starter pack (one hub and one camera) and then buy 2 'add-on' cameras.

You can also have multiple Moobox hubs co-exist on your network and on the app, so in theory you can have as many cameras as you want (and wallet will allow).

So, for example, if you wanted 8 cameras in total then you'd buy 2 x starter packs (2 hubs and 2 cameras in total) and then 6 'add-on' cameras.

Note: You can have both Pro (1080p) and ProXT (1080p) cameras connected to a 1080p hub, however you cannot connect a 720p camera to a 1080p hub or connect a 1080p camera to a 720p hub.