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I want to delete my video files from the camera.

For video clips saved to the cloud storage, this is a rolling 7 day storage with the files being removed once they reach the 7 day limit.

The files are also stored on the the hubs built in SD card which will automatically overwrite the oldest files once it is full so deleting clips is not necessary.

However, if you do wish to delete files from the SD card you can either delete individual files one at a time, or all files before a selected date. 

To delete a single file you should open the Moobox app, go to the events tab and select View Local storage, tap the menu icon to the right of the file and select Delete local video. Once the file has been deleted you will see a message saying this was successful.

To delete all files before a selected date you should open the menu on the main screen, select Setting, Hub, Local video clean up. 

Then select the date and tap on OK, tap on OK to confirm, then all files created before the date selected will then be erased from the SD card. Once complete you will get a message saying this has been successful. Tap on OK to close this.