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My camera is missing movements or only catching the end of a event.

If you are seeing this issue it is quite likely that the camera is too close to the area you want to monitor, the position of camera should be reconsidered. 

Moobox camera's use a PIR sensor to trigger recording, and to get optimal activation the camera should be angled to the typical direction of travel of a subject because of the way PIRs work best.

It is also important to bear in mind that there is a slight delay upon activating the recording once the camera is triggered so you will need to account for this when positioning the unit.

Since the camera is battery operated its default state is in stand-by mode until such time either you are Live viewing or the PIR is triggered. The start up time is around 1 second so this needs to be allowed for in consideration of where you place the camera relate to the motion capture zone.

Ensure that the camera has a wide a view as possible of the area you wish to monitor,  that way if someone moves across the field of view it will have time to record and capture them before they leave the frame. This will work best in open areas or if the camera is position facing down a long hallway as it will the be able to capture your event.

If you are seeing delays between recording of movement please also bear in mind that after the 1st clip has been saved to the camera's sd card it takes a few seconds for the camera to send the clip off to your Cloud account. Until the first clips has been offloaded from the camera it cannot start to record another clip.

The extent of the delay will be affected by the upload speed on your broadband connection, since 'how fast' the clips gets uploaded to the Cloud will be directly determined by the upload bandwidth available at any given time. So please bear this in mind and also note the placement of your camera will play an important part in how much movement is captured when motion is detected by the camera's PIR.