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I am not receiving the push notifications from the cameras.

1) When you installed the app did you accept all the requested app permissions? To be sure try deleting the app then reinstalling and make sure you agree to all the permissions as and when prompted.

2) If you are not logged in to your account on your device motion alerts will not arrive. So, check that you are signed into your account via the app.

3) Push notifications may not show up immediately. When the camera is triggered, there may be slight delay on these. This is more pronounced on android devices than iOS as they use different notifications servers, with the android one being slower to process the notifications and forward this to your device.

4) Is the Moobox app allowed to send notifications to your device and display these? On smartphones you will need to allow this in the Notifications section of your Phones Settings app.

5) Do you have battery optimisation enabled on your device? Battery optimisation will put apps to sleep after a set period of time. When an app is put to sleep you may stop receiving notifications from it. You can avoid this by adding the Moobox app to the list of unmonitored apps on your device, ensuring you will continue to see the notifications. This can usually be found in the battery settings area of your device.

6) Do you have an antivirus app installed? Some antivirus apps can block other apps from sending notifications or working correctly. Try uninstalling or disabling the antivirus app on your device, then trigger the camera and check again for notifications.